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CESYS USB2FPGA Art no.: C1030-1202

Spartan-2 FPGA-board with USB 2.0 interface

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This module is still available. It should not be used for new projects.

A XILINX ™ SPARTAN-II ™ FPGA board with USB 2.0 interface and 1 Mbyte of SRAM (15 ns accesstime). You can use it as a development platform or as an OEM board.

This sturdy classic is in use hundreds of times . Since the Spartan-II FPGA is 5 volt tolerant, this board is suited especially for "legacy" applications.

At the 96-pin VG connector of USB2FPGA the I/O pins of the FPGA and 3.3 V and GND are available. 

Many extensions can be connected directly without any additional external power supply.

All pins of the FPGA can be connected on standard 0,1" headers.
There is no USB 2.0 core necessary for the FPGA as a USB 2.0 controller (CYPRESS FX-2) is present on the board.

The input clock frequency can be set via jumpers between 1 and 250 MHz.


100 x 120 mm
FPGA Familie
User I/O
81 FPGA I/O signals on VG-96 connector 
All FPGA pins are connected to standard 0,1" headers
1 MBYTE SRAM, 15ns
USB 2.0 Interface (Plug-and-Play) 
The JTAG signals can be picked up at headers, but not combined on a separate connector.
Power supply
self-powered oder bus powered
Supported OS
The supplied software is ceusb2 usable on Windows XP ™.
The USB2FPGA board can NOT be used with the CESYS UDK.

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