CESYS CEBO-MSA64 Art no.: C028218

Measurement box for up to 64 resistive sensors

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You can connect up to 64 resistive (potentiometric) sensors with the CEBO-MSA64. These are typically pressure sensors (force sensors) but may also be temperature-dependent resistors (NTC, PTC), light dependent resistors (photoresistor LDR), strain gauges or other resistive sensors.

Visualization of the results and output to text files for offline processing (software included).

Java API for real-time integration of data in your own software included.

Multi-point calibration for each sensor. 


Dynamic measurement of up to 64 potentiometric sensor values. When using force sensors: Dynamic pressure curve at 64 measuring points along with up to 4 other values (eg, temperature or setpoint values coming from a controller).

application examples:

  • Biomechanical measurement and analysis systems
  • Quality control for manufacturing pressed layer structures
  • Sports equipment with evaluation of the training success
  • Measuring the ergonomics of seats, handles and sports equipment
  • Accident research

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