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CESYS USB3FPGA Art no.: C1030-2805

SPARTAN-3E board with USB 2.0 interface

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A XILINX™ SPARTAN-3E™ FPGA board with integrated USB 2.0 interface and 2 MByte SRAM (10 ns access-time).

FPGA: XC3S500E-4PQ208C

This board can be used as development platform or as an OEM board for series-production.
Benchmark: USB-Data rates of 38 MByte/s achievable.

Many I/O pins of the FPGA and 3.3 V and GND are available on the 96-pin VG connector.

Important: This board is NOT compatible with the CESYS UDK, it has its own framework "CEUSB3". 

This module is still available. For new projects, however, the USBS6 board should be considered.

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