CESYS PCIS3BASE Art no.: C1010-3105

SPARTAN-3 board with PCI interface

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This Spartan-3™ FPGA board has a PCI bus master interface.

FPGA:  XC3S1500-4FGG456C
PCI-bridge: PLX PCI9056BA66
Memory: 32 MByte SDRAM,  MICRON 48LC16M16A2
Compatibility: UDK framework 

The 78-pin HD-SUB connector and a 34-pin 0,1" header can be used for connecting external signals.

A slot between the FPGA and the HD-SUB connector allows to integrate additional electronic components (PIB plug-in board). A standard PIB which provides 64 I/O signals with 5 volt tolerance comes with the board.

The FPGA is connected to fast 32-MByte SDRAM memory. It can be used in own designs, for example as a buffer for the PCI interface.

The PCI interface of the card is driven by an external controller, the PLX PCI-9056.
The FPGA design does not need to include an PCI implementation (IP-core). The details of the PCI bus need not be known to the developer.
The supplied sample code shows how easy the communication between the FPGA (Wishbone bus) and the PC can be established.

The achievable data rates are close to the theoretical maximum.

Configuration of the FPGA is done using the PCI interface. 
The necessary software is included in source code and as executable.

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